films: wes anderson, RDJ's filmography

books: one more thing, a clash of kings

tv: orphan black, game of thrones, parks & rec

music: fall out boy in july!!

this is disgusting. i love it.
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effiestrinkets replied to your post: i’m actually terrified that the ticket…

if u dont get tix then look on twitter & stuff or they may release some later :) literally got coldplay tix for london a week before the show :)

eep thanks for the tip!! i’m mostly concerned bc i’m going to have to buy plane tickets to NYC and it’ll be a bummer if i buy them and then have no concert to attend :/


i’m actually terrified that the tickets to coldplay’s new york show are going to go on sale in the middle of the night and i’m going to miss out ugh ugH

basically i’m going to be a giant ball of stress until i get the email saying they’re on sale


update on my life: i’m STILL reading that clintasha fic and it’s almost 2 in the morning save me

tell me nothing downey-related happened
ancient rdj fangirl proverb spoken after a night of heavy drinking
  1. me: chris evans' face just looked weird to me in the avengers
  2. carol: probably because you were thinking 'uh this isn't robert downey jr'